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Real-time reporting from your offshore manufacturing projects

Updated: May 11, 2020

Access live project and quality data from your manufacturing projects in China without leaving your desk

Project managers and technical teams are often left wondering if the project and quality information being provided by their offshore manufacturer is accurate and current. These are regular issues faced by everyone using an offshore manufacturer. Many companies will periodically fly over a representative or team of representative to check up on project process and manage quality issues while they are on the factory floor. This strategy is reactive and contributes to project delays in production (straining your manufacturing relationship), delays in delivery (increasing your project costs, enforcing liquidated damages, and souring customer relationships) and can ultimately lead to project failure.

At manuFACT we have qualified engineers and inspectors who work together with the client's manufacturer to identify non-conformances and issues that cause project delays and implement and manage corrective / preventative actions being pit in place. We document the information into our online system which can be accessed by our clients in real-time to review and provide feedback without ever stepping out of the office.

As the project progresses and more and more non-conformance data is entered into our system, our deep learning algorithm constantly reviews this data, identifying trends in project quality and predicts where to focus resources to gain the most benefit as the project progresses. Our system also predicts upcoming issues beef they occur as the project moves through the various production stages. This information is presented to our clients in a "dashboard" format through an online portal, allowing quick and easy review of the current project.   

Machine learning is utilised by manuFACT in all of our projects to ensure our clients get the maximum value out of our services. Contact us to see how we can add value to your project and increase your competitive advantage in the market, as well as save you on costly delays. 

Your on the ground resource for quality manufacturing in China.

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