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Our business philosophy is based on continuous improvement. Striving to always improve and always be better is at the core of everything we do. Our team is experienced in six sigma and lean methodologies and can bring your factory (or your suppliers factory) to a level of manufacturing that quality issues will be a thing of the past.

Manufacturers in China all supply domestically and in the domestic market having a single or double digit defect rate is deemed as acceptable and is just part of doing business. Problems arise when international companies manufacture or procure from Chinese manufacturers and expect a rate of defects to be as close to zero as possible. This causes friction between the two parties resulting in delays, cost overrun, contract disputes and so on.

Quality issues can be minimised with efficient and effective systems within the factory. Getting it right the first time can save enormous amounts of time, money and resource, and keep business relationships on track. Give manuFACT a call to see how we can improve your factory and bottom line.

Factory improvement
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